Learn to Affirm

Learn to Affirm by Tia-Marie Taylor is an activity book for young girls, designed to build confidence and self-love!

This book teaches affirmations through an array of activities that reinforce self-belief. Learn to Affirm aims to encourage girls to think positively about themselves, notice their unique and incredible attributes, and develop unshakeable confidence!

“As a child, I was challenged with bullying, partnered with poor mental health. I’ve been challenged by low self-esteem & self-image, unhealthy eating behaviours, self-harm, and diagnoses of depression & social anxiety. I recognise societal pressures/environment were huge factors in these challenges, but now looking back as an adult with a full understanding on the importance of confidence in self, I realise that having positive core beliefs would have made these challenges a lot more bearable. Naturally, I felt drawn to create a product that encourages healthy practices at a much younger age. I believe it’s important for children to build self-assurance, and to learn how to be gentle and loving towards themselves, and I think this is PARTICULARLY important for black girls in a world that is not always so kind to black women. Essentially, I wanted to create a product that younger me needed.”

– Tia-Marie Taylor

In celebration of Black History Month, I have created this 58-page activity book to assist parents, carers, older siblings & family members of young girls with developing their confidence and self-love. Introducing you to Learn to Affirm by Tia-Marie Taylor! This book contains affirmations, writing tasks, reading pages, colouring and drawing activities, stickers and free rip & keep bookmarks! I’ve made this product particularly with black girls in mind, so there are many relatable cultural references throughout and opportunities to learn about inspirational Black British women. Each activity inside prompts positive thoughts about self. Recommended for ages 4-10 years old, but each child is different and develops at their own pace, so there’s something inside to be enjoyed by all ages!


Learn to Affirm